Parasites and Maps

I was going to post an image of parasites in today’s post, but honestly they are scarier than a good horror movie, so I’ll spare you. Google them if you need a thrill!

We’ve been researching parasite formulas today (available in England, not America) – it seems the EU have shut down parasite selling or advertising (something I was only vaguely aware of while I was away) and the best we’ve found is Paratrex and Aniseed from the Finchley Clinic. Good job Mark Lester, for consistently delivering the best products.

The other product I love, is The Terminator Zapper – now available in England from Raw Living. I also love to have Olive Leaf Extract (any local health store), and Oreganol P73 on my shelf.

Parasites and Maps

In lieu of bugs, here’s a map. The correlation between antibiotic use and obesity in America 2010 – laid out before you. It needs no further explanation. With the decrease of single diseases like mumps, rubella and polio, we are seeing the increase in obesity, arthritis and heart disease…


parasite cleanse, London colonics

2 thoughts on “Parasites and Maps

  1. I’ve was recommend to Humaworm. What do you think about it? NExt stop is the hospital of tropical diseases 😐

    1. Hi Ben the Ben, I’ve heard great things, but I haven’t tried it yet. I just got hold of some Paratrex, which I’ll try for the 1st time soon. Good luck, let me know if you need any more help.

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