Gassy, Bloated, Brain Fog? The Miracle of Colonics

Feeling gassy and bloated has become so commonplace, it’s easy to think that it’s normal and to be expected. It’s not.

Likewise, brain fog and energy slumps are directly connected to what’s going on in your gut. Enter colonics.

I’ve had quite a few at this point – and still I can underestimate the relief, smooth tummy, physical peace and mental clarity I can feel post treatment. It’s my favourite kind of balm. Pre-colonic I might be experiencing savage cravings – post colonic, they are gone!

Gas in your digestive track causes traffic jams in the smooth flow onwards/outwards. This also creates build-up in the cells throughout your body, affecting eye sight and creating puffy ankles, swollen fingers and headaches. With colonics, followed up with probiotics, fermented veggies like sauerkraut, prebiotic foods and dietary tweaks, brain fog and a belly-with-a life-of-its-own, can be a thing of the past.

The Quick Hit List

  • Food combining helps avoid digestive problems – avoid mixing fast digesting foods (melon) with slow digesters (bacon).
  • Cruciferous vegetables, brassicas and legumes need to be well prepared and well chewed.
  • Make your own fermented veggies. They are more potent than probiotics, and better bang for the buck.
  • Avoid sugary sodas.
  • Ginger – fresh or powdered, helps to dispel excess gas.
  • Activated charcoal – absorbs noxious gas (not to be combined WITH food as is the current fad).
  • Drinking too much liquid with a meal dilutes the stomach acids you need to digest effectively. Hydrate between meals.
  • Stress and anxiety. Not just eating peacefully, but your whole life balance and your gut microbiome are connected.
  • Chewing. We have a whole lot of chewing to look forward to ahead of us, so it’s important to get it right. Food needs to be liquified to be digested, absorbed and assimilated. Large particles of food cannot be digested, absorbed or assimilated – they can only pass through (or get stuck) and on the way they will either ferment (sugars) or putrefy (meat) – both of which produce gas.


gassy bloated brain fog


7 thoughts on “Gassy, Bloated, Brain Fog? The Miracle of Colonics

    1. Food combining may sound complicated to begin with Trudie, but soon becomes second nature. Many dishes are poorly combined because they create a feeling of satiation (ie value for money) longer. Typical dishes include cheese sandwiches (grains + protein), steak and fries (protein and starches), fruit + granola (fruit + starches) or salads containing oily dressings and fruit. I’ll send you an easy-to-follow chart 🙂

  1. Hi Suki …. long time no see, I was chatting about you to a friend yesterday who has never had a colonic – we might come in for a visit!! I’ve been wanting to make my own fermented veggies and it would be amazing if you could write a blog post about it for the total beginner? You would be impressed with me I made my own cashew nut milk the other day!! Hope you are good and maybe see you soon!! Jo x

      1. Fab …. looking forward to the fermented veggies post, have been meaning to research it for a while ………. x

  2. Many people in Vegan UK reported reversing digestive symptoms such as reflux with a vegan diet. Otherwise, h-pylori infection could be a cause, and possibly treated by an English herbalist.

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