There is only one disease: constipation

Ok, perhaps that sounds overly simplistic these days, but it is the simplest truth.

And… there is no quick fix to health, it’s a process. It takes as long as it takes for the body to dump the waste, heal wherever it needs to heal, and to continue the process of assimilation, growth, regeneration and… ongoing cleansing.

The cleansing process isn’t about dependency on colonics, but rather understanding that smart and effective lifelong heath goals involve regular colon care. I wish every human would give themselves enemas at home, buy their own colema boards, or build their own colonic units and experience the magic at home.


While your tissues are backed up with blood gases and waste, they don’t have much space for those wonderful supplements, or subtle bodywork. To really experience the full benefits of shiatsu, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy etc, we first need to shift the extra weight and clean our tissues. The density we carry is just that, dense. The subtler arts are but bandaids if you’re congested on a cellular level.

PS. This current activated charcoal fad in food is just that – a fad. When will the insanity stop? Activated charcoal is most excellent  – it’s been used as an emergency remedy to absorb poisons forever. But.. it needs to be taken on an empty stomach for that purpose. If it’s mixed with food, not only does it taste like caca, but it’s remedial benefits are null. Just stop already.


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PSS. And, vegan donuts are still donuts. Facepalm



2 thoughts on “There is only one disease: constipation

    1. Gases from the colon permeate the colon wall, and back up into the blood and cells throughout the body Theodore. Think of someone who was slender in their youth, and now has a thick neck and head – you don’t get ‘fat’ in your neck or head – it’s blood gases pushing up and swelling unnaturally in suboptimal places.

      Balance your donuts with other forms of life 😉

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