Paratrex and the Medical Medium

In all my years in Bali I never got Bali belly. Cut to London 2018, and I got food poisoning at a Mexican street food restaurant on the Southbank. I won’t go into the gory details, but the after-effects lasted for a month – colonics alone weren’t enough to wipe out the bastards. Enter Paratrex! Great to be able to try a new product when you actually need it – iith only one dose I felt immediate relief. I’ve been looking for the best parasite options in England – so I’m happy to have found this one. Let me know if you’ve had success with Paratrex, or something else.

I’ve been reading and listening to the Medical Medium and his theories on viruses – this Epstein Barr Episode is worth listening to – covering lupus, tonsils, peripheral neuropathy, cystitis and Lyme. It’s funny how the right book at the right time just clicks, and the veils lift and everything ties together. If you have sciatica, colitis, tinnitus, gout, Hashimoto’s, reproductive issues – oh heck, any problem – check him out. He is the only other person I’ve ever heard mention blood gases (the secret behind the magic of colonics) – which I found super exciting. We’re on the same page re celery, but this jury is still out..

There is SO much guidance, help and information available it’s overwhelming. So many experts. The ‘healthy’ cook book industry is vast. Weird how complicated food eating became huh?

medical medium, Anthony William

One thought on “Paratrex and the Medical Medium

  1. Hey Suki, MM’s vegetable knowledge is detox 101, but it’s reaching the people. As with everything, it takes the right man at the right time with the right message, etc etc. His is a rare voice, amidst the babble and squabbling of raw fooders and banana eaters. I’ve heard his waiting list is very long, I was hoping to get an appointment with him. It’s curious to me that this spirit is only speaking to one person, and that it’s taken this long for this information to be shared. BEN

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