Binaural Beats

Awhile back I was discussing meditation with a friend. I told them that I’ve been listening to binaural beats Holosync Meditation everyday for 6 or 7 years. I quickly realised that Holosync is the ONLY thing I’ve done consistently for that length of time (outside of clanging my teeth and sleeping etc..). After following the whole program, I now listen to Immersion on loop, for as long as it takes. 13-15 minutes is usually how long it takes for me to feel a wave throughout my body, and for my mind to truly quieten.

I also love tracks by OmHarmonics who offer a free 10 minute track – it makes my brain feel like caramel.

The Brainwave apps have great tracks too (yeah, I bought a ton of them) Euphoric Bliss in Altered States is my favourite. And, you can change the duration of each track depending on your schedule. When it can feel like you haven’t got enough time to meditate, somehow Binaural Beats make carving out time easier.

I’m super grateful for hours of calm and improved sleep.

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