Live Your Heart Out

I had a wonderful talk with Conni Biesalski while she was in Mexico (me in London), about colonics and health. If you can stand to hear more of me rambling on (must check those tangents..), you can listen over at her fab site Live Your Heart Out.


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I met Conni in Bali several years ago just as she was getting into fasting, plant based living and cleansing. We took a few photos together then – and here we are now in a new context, talking health. Love you Conni x



“I used to be an insecure young teenager in the closet, but managed to grow into a confident, brave, successful, spiritual woman and entrepreneur. I went from not feeling seen and feeling grey to being seen all over the world (Germany’s most (in)famous travel blogger and digital nomad). For most of my life I had no idea who I really was and I was afraid to show myself. Today, I am living and proudly expressing my authentic self all over social media and creating my own rules in life and business. I used to be the seeking world nomad, travelling like an addict, always looking to find the perfect place. Having lived a nomadic life roaming the world since I was a teenager, I eventually came home – to myself. I went from an outer journey to an inner journey, from searching for freedom outside to finding it within.”

Or… you can watch us here!

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