Ion: Glyphosates, Gut health, Leaky Gut + Immunity

Health begins in the gut.

Yes Suki, but what to do about it? Well other than the obvious (colonics, doh) we need to actually heal our impaired guts. Not to ameliorate symptoms, or learn to live with ‘restricted’ diets but to actually heal the gut. You see the thing is, once we start to feel good, we want to feel better! It’s like turning tides. No, it IS turning tides – you know how it goes – when you’re feeling shitty, health and vibrancy are distant memories, but when you’re losing weight, feeling energised and alive, you want more of the same. When you gut heal is well, your brain is actually in your head where it’s supposed to be – whereas, when your gut is suboptimal, your brain is cloudy foggy and distracted.

When I first got sick and needed to eliminate certain foods, there was lots of talk of the intestinal villi – how wheat basically scoured or eroded away the villi leaving us with far less surface area of absorption than we originally had. That’s when we came to understand that it’s not about what we eat – but what we absorb. If we’d originally had a football sized pitch of surface area to do the job of assimilation, but now were expecting the same results from a much smaller surface area – we would need to optimise our diets for basic survival. Make sense?


the colon whisperer villi


No one talks about villi anymore, and now that we’ve all gone vegan, gluten-free (inserts face palm emoji) villi are no longer an issue. Except, refined GF products often contain crap including sugar, corn, soy and icky fats. These products should be viewed as treats, not mainstays. But I digress!

Restore: Glyphosates, Gut health, Leaky Gut + Immunity

Which brings me to Ion. I stumbled upon Dr Zach Bush last month, and it took me thiiiiis long to order his product.

I’ve been surprised by how few answers there have been to actually healing or understanding leaky gut, especially with all this talk of the microbiome. Yes yes we all need to eat fermented foods and take probiotics (which we need to rotate each month – there are millions of strains on bacteria – you can’t keep taking the same 15 – change it up), drink juice and get colonics. But if you’re experiencing bloating, brain fog, allergies (hello!), weight gain or any other mystery symptoms – you want to heal your gut. It looks something like this.


healthy leaky gut London colonics



So I got hold of a bottle, and in my short time trying Ion, I have noticed a marked improvement in my bloating, energy, brain function, cravings and appetite. I’m now recommending this product to all my clients, friends and family. We all want clear minds, flat tummies, and to feel, good – like we were born to. The best way of describing how my colon now feels – it’s like I’ve had my tennis racket tuned. Which is appropriate, if you have an old racket strung with gut..

Listen to Dr Bush explaining how it works – the lowdown. There’s more on Gut/Brain injury here; and about biomic sciences here. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he has a beautiful accent..

Thank you to Mark Lester of the Finchley Clinic for your diligence in continuing to pursue the best possible products – you can buy Ion in England.

Thank you Zach!
ion gut health

2 thoughts on “Ion: Glyphosates, Gut health, Leaky Gut + Immunity

  1. Suki!! I’m using Restore with my clients too and we are finding it to be very successful. It’s the thing we needed that we didn’t know we needed isn’t it. Thanks for the tip.

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