Saunas + Cryo

I’ve have almost as many draft blog posts as published ones! My previously enjoyed winter focus is on hold as my hazy summer is floaty and dispersed. Summer in London looks like: farmer’s markets, cycling, friends in green (yellow) parks, the Southbank and lots of juicing. Chives are turning me on, along with fennel tops, sorrel and mustard greens.

In colonic news, I’m starting to see the results with my first clients taking Restore. It’s magic. Get some.

Saunas + Cryo

Don’t think that because it’s a hot summer we don’t need saunas. Far infrared saunas penetrate our cells much deeper than external heat, and are one of the best ways to adapt to seasonal changes. They are great for pain relief, circulation, skin health, heavy metal cleansing, improved sleep and general health. I’ve now found FOUR far infrared sauna venues in London (not in hotels or private clubs) where you can walk in off the streets.

Far infrared saunas: check out Yue Float in Battersea, KXU in Chelsea, Qi Health Angel and Pur Wellness Notting Hill.

I can’t mention saunas without including ice! Originally invented in Japan in 1978 to treat arthritis, cryotherapy involves stepping into a chamber for up to 3 minutes, at minus 100-300ºF. Yes, that’s a minus. The massive drop in temperature causes thermoreceptors in the skin to send signals to the brain to send blood into the body’s core to stay alive – aka vasoconstriction. This activates your healing abilities and an endorphin release – when toxins are flushed (squeezed) from peripheral tissues, the blood is enriched with enzymes, nutrients and oxygen. It creates a massive immune system boost, helping with depression, sports recovery, inflammation and

Cryotherapy in London: check out 111 Cryo at Harvey Nichols, KXU in Chelsea and London Cryo in Spitalfields.


Saunas + Cryo


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