The Light In Your Eyes

In temperate climates, creatures respond to seasonal light changes by migrating, reproducing, fattening and hibernating. As the clocks went back today and our days become shorter yet, our free vitamin D supply was restricted. A crucial and often deficient nutrient for our immune systems, optimal utilisation of calcium and healthy brain function – we need to soak in winter light wherever possible to keep our levels up.

With many people leaving and returning home in the dark for the next few months, it’s essential that we allow some light to fall into our eyes wherever we can. Windows, spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses all block the sun’s helpful rays – we need to expose our eyes to light without these barriers. Take moments outside (or through an open window) throughout the day, to bath your face in the sun.


suki Zoe the colon whisperer


When the photosensitive cells in our retinas detect the seasons, our pituitary and pineal glands respond by altering our levels of the neurotransmitters melatonin (night) and serotonin (day) levels accordingly. Our pineal gland – the seat of the soul, Ajna chakra or the 3rd Eye – is responsible for our spiritual connection and well-being. To keep your pineal heathy avoid: fluoridated and chlorinated water and fluoride toothpastes; pesticides; Teflon pans; sugar and tobacco.
Consume fresh organic fruits and vegetables, MSM, apple cider vinegar; raw cacao, oregano, neem and chaga.



Sungazing, a practice of looking directly at the sun in the first moments of sunrise and and last moments of sunset (when the sun is at a safe strength) is gorgeous for the eyes, the brain and immune system. Many a time I’ve been on road trips with other sungazing friends, and pulled off the road to catch the sun’s last few rays 🙂


pineal sunlight the colon whisperer

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