Invisible Waste Matter

Below is an old article by a friend. It’s great to read a comparable theory of cleansing from someone with the same teachers.

“Cleansing the colon is most effective when you permanently improve your diet by eating less damaging foods. If you continue to eat the same damaging kinds and quantities of food each day, the body does not get the opportunity to go into a deeper state of detoxification. Often when people get a colonic without improving their diet, they might think that because they got out all the solid waste matter in the colon their job is done and no more colon cleansing is required – yet there is much more to the picture than that.

If a person regularly eats processed foods without any dietary improvements, colon hydrotherapy will not be nearly as effective as it can be. I also want to convey to you that when a person does colon hydrotherapy, the solid waste matter isn’t the number one thing that we are trying to eliminate. While it is certainly important and beneficial to remove this solid waste matter, the waste we are really going after is INVISIBLE.

If you do a colonic and get gas bubbles releasing through the tube, then you are making some serious progress. It’s the GAS that we are really going after! You can just walk around your nearest city and you will probably witness countless overweight people with huge “beer bellies” walking the streets. How is it possible that these people’s beer bellies are sticking out over 2 feet? Do you think that is all solid waste in there? If so, you would surely see nasty crevices and pockets of waste indented in their bellies. Instead, their bellies are smooth, just like a balloon filled up with helium GAS. Although there is indeed probably a lot of solid waste within these people’s bodies and colons, I believe that it is gas that is bloating up the majority of people.

Let me give you another example here to show that it is not just the solid waste we are going after when we cleanse the colon. I was hanging out right in the heart of New York City for two months. On a daily basis I was breathing in pollution from cars, trucks, businesses and so on. This pollution that I was consuming was not completely solid waste matter. I was breathing in all sorts of fumes and gases. After these two months, I left NYC to hang out in nature, where the air quality was totally pristine, comparatively speaking. For days on end after arriving in Iceland, I would wake up every morning with a runny nose, bad breath, excess gas, and mounds of sleep in my eyes. This wasn’t solid waste matter exiting my body – I had not been eating any differently in NYC to my new location. The difference was that I had suddenly left pollution (gas and fumes) out of my intake and I was now detoxing it all out.

Invisible Waste Matter

Colon hydrotherapy not only eliminates solid waste matter from the body, but it also eliminates gas like nothing else. Our bodies and cells are inundated with gas and it travels freely throughout the body. To learn more about this, I recommend reading the article I wrote entitled, The Blood Gas Theory (coming next).

The colon is the PRIMARY gas release valve available to us. There is no more effective way to remove gas, in my opinion, than through cleansing the colon. Again, it’s not the solid waste matter that we are going after when we cleanse the colon. How many of you have seen a movie where a heroin addict is thrown into hospital, forced to detox and abstain from their drugs? Do you think that the detoxification and elimination they experience is coming out solely in the form of solid waste matter? In fact, although solid waste matter is almost certainly not the main form through which the heroin is being removed from the body, colon hydrotherapy would aid the process of eliminating this toxic residue tremendously. Colonics would help to pull the residues right out and the withdrawal effects would not be nearly as extreme.

We are gas beings! We breathe in oxygen and we exhale CO2. If you think all of the gas is being removed from your body through exhalation, I think you’ve got another thing coming. Remember, those beer bellies seem to be composed mainly of gas.

Below are just a few of the many processes within the body that create gas; read this over and you will hopefully understand that we are truly gas beings.

When we eat food, fermentation is a natural process of digestion. A by-product of fermentation is gas. When we eat food, it is broken down into its simplest form (glucose). As we all surely learned in Biology Class, the cell then takes the glucose and transforms it into ATP (energy), while at the same time giving off the by-product CO2 (gas).

When the body receives absorbic acid, the pancreas gives off an element to convert this acid into carbonic acid (gas), because it is less harsh on the system.

The list goes on and on. The gas produced does not all get released from your lungs and skin. Some of it usually comes out of your rear end, some of it comes out via your lungs, and some of it goes to fill those beer bellies right up. The rest of the gas that isn’t released builds up within our cells, which expand and contract in size to adapt and accommodate all of the gases that we are exposed to. If the amazing process of our cells accommodating more and more gas didn’t happen at a cellular level, then our bodies wouldn’t be able to handle the onslaught of gases we are exposed to on a daily basis and we could not survive.

I frequently talk about the miraculous benefits of taking powerful enzymes on an empty stomach. Many people are looking for answers to their personal health issues and want to try anything that is easy and may work. After I give talks in public, many people come up to ask me if enzymes can help them with bloating or what they think to be ‘indigestion’. In these situations, I always tell them to keep their money and spend it on colonics on a periodic basis instead, because that is truly what they need in order to eliminate the bloated stomach and so-called ‘indigestion’. It’s all about the waste and gas.

So next time you might think to yourself that you “don’t need colon hydrotherapy” because you think all of the solid waste matter has been removed, think again and don’t give up; instead, permanently improve your diet, and do colon hydrotherapy on a periodic basis. There is no other healing modality (supplement, detox method, etc) more effective than cleansing the colon. In fact, I feel that nothing out there is even 10% as effective as cleansing the colon on a periodic basis. This is why colon cleansing and enemas have been so revered for healing, as far back as history goes, such as can be seen in the Mayan recovered artefacts and other historical data.

The remarkable effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy also helps explain why the health food institutes that utilise colon hydrotherapy have such high success rates for helping people to heal from degenerative diseases. I hope that this article helps encourage any of you who have been ‘sitting on the fence’ about colon cleansing to go for it and enjoy the countless benefits, gas release and all.”

the colon whisperer gas

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