Detox + Fibre + Broom Foods

Detox: understandably there is confusion as to what ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ means. Know this – a box of ‘detox tea’ may contain useful herbs, but they won’t do anything for you unless you are also completely abstaining from the congesting foods in your diet (dairy, wheat, animal proteins, fried foods, sugar) and removing the pounds of gunk from your colon, liver and lymph.

The subtly of herbs, homeopathy and acupuncture is largely wasted if you’re carrying excess weight and density.

And, there is no one-size-fits-all for an effective detox. The same goes for a month’s worth of cleansing supplements – regardless of which celebrity name endorses them 😉 There is no quick fix.

Fibre: there are many wonderful foods which contain fibre, but they are not what we consider ‘broom foods’. Broom foods actively sweep through your digestive system leaving no residue behind. Fibre rich foods such as beans or any cooked root vegetables are great, but they will leave some residue. Fibre is good and all, but it’s not to be confused the cleansing properties of fresh juices, romaine lettuce, raw spinach, fresh figs, pears or apples, etc.

Think of your colon and blood gases as an elephant, and the detox tea being a tiny wheelbarrow unable to carry the load. Throwing a few herbs into your body is like squirting some detergent on your trash, without emptying the bin. We need to empty the bin first. You see, a colonic is equivalent to 6-10 poops. Yes, you read that right. If you don’t get the old funky rotting gunk out,  it’s still in there – trust me, it is not coming out on it’s own – regardless of how much detox tea you drink.

Here’s the thing. I’ve nothing new to sell. There is no magic product. Just the same old, same old message – open the channels of elimination – move, poo, pee, breathe, sweat and eat clean – fresh juices, raw foods and organic produce.

Stick some water up yer bum. If you have no access to colonics, get a colema board or use enemas. If you would like help setting up a cleansing unit at home, please contact me.

To you health x

suki zoe elephant wheelbarrow

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