Don’t Worry Eat Fruit And Vegetable

I cleared out my wardrobe last night, and let this T-shirt go. For years it was my old work top.

Not all colon hydrotherapists are living The Lifestyle. Which makes me feel like I’m from another planet (The School of Gil) when I run into other therapists eating cheese sticks, or such peculiarities. My starting point is always cleansing – without dogma – we do what works. When I first heard of the raw food movement in 2000, it surprised me that no one was cleansing. I’d already been living the lifestyle for a few years – the focus being cellular cleansing, not dietary cults. Raw fooders were eating lots of heavy date and nut pies, but little juice or greens. My regular colonic meat-eating clients then were healthier, slimmer and more balanced than the ‘health’ people were. Then the green smoothie movement started around 2004, and Matt Monarch (The School of Gil and Fred Bisci) went very public talking about colonics and enemas – at last the worlds united. Now there is the vegan movement, which is great but.. no again, one is focused on cleansing. Much of the food is processed, fried and wheat dense.

My experience with this lifestyle has made me better informed to help you, but I don’t push any belief system or diet on anyone. It’s always about taking the next step to elevate your health – one decision at a time – specific for your body. Sometimes it will be gentle direction, at other times it will need to be more urgent.

Three of my current clients with the best (deep and easy) colonics regularly eat lamb, and I will never suggest that they stop. It’s working for them because they consume an abundance of greens and… zero sugar, alcohol, caffeine, wheat or refined oils. They also meditate daily and go to sleep early. They have created a consistency which is working brilliantly for them.

In the meantime, I’ll remain vegan AF 😉


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