I’m Very Possessive Of My Uterus

Personal post No 1.

I’m very possessive of my uterus.

I’ve spent the last few years struggling with menorrhagia (haemorrhaging) and trying to keep all of my body parts intact. It has messed with my head and my body and, anaemia is no joke. It’s part of the reason I left Bali and returned to England.
Each time I hear of another friend having a hysterectomy, firstly I’m grateful that I’ve thus far escaped the very knife which was – from the mouths of many medical specialists – ‘inevitable’ for me.

And secondly I’m sad that we have all struggled through debilitating problems, which are largely considered ‘not unusual’ or ‘something to get through’. I’m grateful that a lifetime of reproductive challenges has led me to a life of health and seeking, and that being a DES Daughter has in no way defined me. Diethylstilbestrol was prescribed to women for problem pregnancies. Another example of an FDA approved drug gone wrong – side effects include infertility, cancer and dysmenorrhea (painful periods). Invisible, long term health problems often remain secret – few people knew.

Five years ago I collapsed for the first time and was taken to ER in Bali. A year later, the same happened again in California. Western herbs (vitex) helped both times. Not having colonics during that time certainly contributed to the problems – my reproductive system functions with greater ease when I’m regularly on the table and eating super clean. Just think about it – with the permeably of the gut (and all organs) and the proximity of the uterus, it makes sense that toxic accumulation, especially for women, is problematic. I’ve tried everything – I’ve seen healers and shamans, had entities removed, cords cut and past lives cleared. I’ve taken herbs and potions, tinctures and powders, thousands of ibuprofen, and over my life I have spent tens of thousands on tampons.

I don’t have any answers for you, except to say that if you are going through this you are not alone, and this is not something to just ‘get through’. If you haven’t yet found a GP who actively listens, and proactively tries to help you, keep looking. My current GP turned my life around.

If you’re a DES Daughter too, reach out x

Suki Zoe des daughter

One thought on “I’m Very Possessive Of My Uterus

  1. I’ve been through something similar Suki. Silent and secret illnesses are enough to make the strongest person crazy. I’m now through to the other side, and monumentally grateful to have had a strong support team. My husband and kids have been wonderful throughout. Blessings to you and your body – praying that the next years are easier for you. Terri xx

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