Medicine Balls

I am a sucker for balls.

Pretty much anything round. Dust them with cacao and I’m sold.

Because I’m often too impatient to make these into balls myself, I especially appreciate when someone else has taken the time.

I usually throw this mix into tupperware (good for travel) or press into chocolate moulds. I’ve been fine-tuning the recipe since I got back to London last year. All ingredients are optional – change to suit your palette.

Enjoy x


One cup desiccated coconut
Half a cup of date paste (13 dates) or 3 T maple syrup
Half a cup of melted EV coconut oil (keep in fridge when not in use)
Half a cup of cacao powder
Quarter a cup of hemp seeds
2 T Maca
2 T carob powder
1 T reishi
1 T fo ti / he-shou-wu
1 T cordyceps
1 T chaga
1 T tahini
Splash vanilla
Pinches of stevia, salt and cayenne

Put all the dry ingredients into the food processor first. Add coconut oil, vanilla, tahini and dates/maple syrup next. If you’re adding cacao nibs, add them right at the end if you want the maintain their texture.

Either press into moulds, or make into balls – roll in coconut or cacao powder, and refrigerate. The medicinal mushrooms (great for immunity, inflammation, cholesterol, antioxidants) give a bitter taste – which is a great liver tonic. I LOVE that they’re not sweet like candy.

Photo: one of my first cacao babies, sprouted in Bali.

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