What Happens If Detoxification Is Impaired?

Creating optimal health needs a bit action than just eating a bit better. What happens if detoxification is impaired?

Comparable to our lungs breathing in and out automatically, our cells are continually in the process of intake and output. However, toxicity released from any cell can stagnate in the lymph, liver and colon. If this toxicity is allowed to stagnate for a long enough, the body will show signs of illness such as swollen glands or a sore throat. These symptoms arise as the body attempts to move the stagnation onwards. It might even create a fever to thin and move the lymph. If you can move this stagnation from the lymph, the body can then attempt to finish the process and excrete the toxins. If the liver begins to struggle with its role of detoxifying the blood, the level of toxicity within the blood begins to rise. If the bowel is sluggish, the whole system of detoxification grinds to a halt. In order for the liver to release its toxic bile freely into the bowel it needs the space to do so — you need to be pooping like a champ. If a toxic situation is left unsupported, the blood system struggles to receive and cleanse the lymph effectively. The lymph then becomes thicker as its own levels of toxicity rise. As accumulation continues and cells are unable to dump into the lymph system, we see cellular congestion on a micro level. The real art of daily detox is in keeping the speed of elimination at an even rate throughout all of the systems, from the smallest internal cell all the way to the outside of the body. If this is achieved, the detoxification and healing process are continuous and comfortable, and all areas of the body are supported. That’s why we love gravity colonics, rebounding, saunas, cold (cryo, cold showers, ice plunge), breathwork, yoga, castor oil packs 🦠

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