The Cleansing Lifestyle

Sadly we’re seeing people’s lives crash in public nowadays. Social media is not kind to those who ‘fail’. There are egos at play, and images to uphold and.. truths are sometimes lost in the mess. Choose teachers who walk their talk and are consistent in achieving the results you want.

Some of us live what we call The Cleansing Lifestyle. We have a lineage of teachers (Arnold Ehret, Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen, Fred Bisci, Gil Jacobs, Daniel Reid) the base of which is CLEANSING, and daily health habits, rather than annual ‘detox’ retreats and subsequent retoxing for the next 50 weeks. Not that we don’t LOVE a good reset – they have their place in changing your relationship to your body-mind-spirit, and realizing new possibilities.

We have been saying and practicing THE SAME THINGS since we got into the lifestyle. Nothing had changed. No new fads. No extreme diets. (*Cases of disease and emergency healing require special attention). Now we see the insanity of Keto; rational fasting is now called intermittent fasting, but somehow includes bullet proof coffee and bacon (head explodes); fruitarians binge on fruit without getting colonics; young vegans or raw fooders take to social media in their ‘enthusiast’ phase of learning and are heralded as experts. I remember that phase – I’m grateful I didn’t have a platform. And genetically-blessed Saturn-returners are writing books – millennials are ready for action without experience. Knowledge takes time to accrue..

Us Ehret peeps love and support one another because firstly, we get it, and once you get it, you can’t UN-know it. And, there aren’t many of us – living this way can be kinda isolating – it takes a certain kind of person to make these choices. Long term success means working through addictions and cravings, finding spiritual and cellular peace through dietetic choices. I’m ALWAYS learning, and I always come back to my lineage – if information or lifestyle does not include cleansing, there is a missing piece 🌿 rant over.

Thank you guys for the community we share ❤️

Follow them for the goods: Fred Bisci, Mike Perrine at Everydaydetox. @lyndsaylee. Jen at Doodyfree Girl, Elizabeth Montgomery Holistic Nutrition, Joseph at Esen Health.

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