More Health Less Politicking

I don’t know who wrote this, and I edited it to make it universally accessible.

“Can we have a collective moment of clarity? Can we restore sanity around basic principles of health and wellbeing? Can we come to understand that institutional science is corrupted and that industry-threatening science is suppressed?

Stay with me here.

So, ‘quarantining’ healthy people:

First, being indoors and socially isolated, possibly being stuck with abusive people, living in fear of pathogens and the stress of increasing financial devastation, constantly consuming media on EMF devices, and eating crap food (as usual) is not good for our health or immunity. But, we’re just gonna do that because the presumed scientific (industry-tied) authorities, who grossly overestimated the threat, say we must.

Second, if WHO etc. cared about protecting health (presumably their role?), would we not already live in a world strongly supported by clean foods, clean technologies, just economic systems, holistic medicine, and sane health education? Would they not be fighting for that every day, and educating us? Would the grocery store be filled almost entirely with GMO, pesticide-laden carbohydrates, hydrogenated oils, chemical additives, and meat and dairy from sick animals? No, because people would be educated enough to not buy that shit. If regulatory agencies cared about us, factories would not be allowed to pollute our neighbourhoods and environment as they do. Toxic chemicals would not be sold to us as cleaning agents and cosmetics. You see the logic, right? Why do they not protect us against these things? Who profits from our illness and ignorance? How does fear increase their profits? If public health agencies were doing their jobs, drugs would not have more side effects than the meager positive effects they produce.

We have far better ways of saving people from chronic and terminal illness, but practically zero financial incentive for industry to pursue them. They give us pills and injections instead of the honest perspective we need to care for our own health. With all of the money these agencies, industries, and so-called philanthropists put into pharmaceuticals, we could have clean and abundant food and water for all people on Earth.

We could root out the real causes of illness, and treat infectious disease with proven, nontoxic, non economy destroying methods.
‘Public health’ agencies could educate people about emotional and physical wellbeing, which are interrelated, and which are imperiled by their current policies. They could say no to the toxic things passed off as ‘food and medicine’, and YES to a renaissance of science and medicine motivated by human health instead of profit. Science is beautiful and needed, but institutional ’science’ has been corrupted. We need to be honest with ourselves about the systematic suppression of valid scientific research that challenges industry profits.

How to thrive and be happy, rather than simply look younger and avoid death?

Why, when a new virus appears, are we ordered to run and hide and await a vaccine, instead of how to protect our health by natural means that do not further degrade our psychological, physical, and financial health? You know this is possible, right? People overcome and heal from chronic and infectious disease outside of hospitals all the time. Why aren’t the scientific authorities investigating and investing in that?”


2 thoughts on “More Health Less Politicking

  1. Thank you for clarifying exactly what I’ve been having trouble articulating. Hoping you’re well Suki. Samuel

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