Things I Miss

Suki Zoe qito theta healing

Hello friends, from a cool dry Bali winter.

It’s hard to believe that we all began lockdown when Bali was at peak heat while Europe/America was dark and cold, and somehow now you’re all enjoying summer skies while we’re sweat-free, and snuggling up at night.

I hope you are keeping happy, healthy and well. We’ve all been affected in different ways by the pandemic – varying so much by location, politics, work flow and access to healthcare.

I had Covid back in March and it took me 4 months to truly come out the other side, from lingering brain fog and fatigue. I used castor oil packs during the acute phase, along with salt and oregano oil gargles, hydrogen peroxide gargles; hot baths and followed by cold showers; tons of raw garlic and sauerkraut; as much sunshine as possible; tons of fresh air and green juices; and clean food and water. I’m grateful that I have been here, and for organic weekly fruit and vegetables from Locavore to go. Many businesses here have had to adapt to making deliveries, while their shops or cafes were closed.

Bali’s economy has been hit by the lack of tourism – I’ve been photographing the food deliveries arranged through Ananda Soul, to families within the community who were struggling. $60 feed a family for 1 month – donations are still welcome, thank you.

As always, there are things I miss wherever I am in the world. We’ve had no work or mail here for months (the airport is still closed to international flights) and I was expecting to be back in England now stocking up on silly and essential things:

In no particular order: English carrots, apples, blueberries and celery, gelatinized maca powder, spirulina, hemp seeds, bee pollen, medicinal mushrooms, Colosan, nutritional yeast, OMG my Vitamix and, I’m not going to lie… lipgloss 😉

Sukes x

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