Happy New Year

Hello my friends.

Warmest greetings from Bali in 2021. 

We were up at 5am on January 1st to make it to the beach in time for sunrise – my very favourite way to start the new year! Last year was a lot for everyone – all of humanity navigating the same ocean, but each in boats with varying degrees of seaworthiness. If you have loved and lost (family, friends, businesses, work, homes) last year, my deepest condolences. For many it was the best year, for others, the worst. 

Theta Healing

After starting my first garden in June and enjoying a delicious supply of organic food, I then trained for one month (5 modules) in ThetaHealing®. I’m now offering Theta sessions via Zoom, all over the world – it’s been wonderful to connect with people in Japan, America, Portugal, England, Indonesia and Australia. And, I’m loving the freedom and flexibility it is affording me – particularly after being tied to plumbing for so many years. Colonics in Bali are still on hold while travel remains restricted. 

Theta Healing has changed my life, and continues to delight me – just imagine the world we can create if we are all able raise our baseline of happiness! 

I’ve moved back home to Qito from The Colon Whisperer, because it makes sense 🙂 

I know people say that dates, calendars (a fascinating look at calendars around the world) and timelines are arbitrary, but I feel our collective rituals and celebrations do mean something – they are moments to draw a line in the sand, take a breath and file away old chapters. 

Much love from me to you for 2021, Suki xx

Happy New Year

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year Suki!!! I am so happy to see you back at Qito, I hope this means you will be writing again. Warmly, Maurice

  2. Lovely to read your news letter Suki. Sending love and the warmest peaceful wishes for 2021 ..xx s


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