I’ve been struggling with being a ‘healer’ or being considered woowoo amongst more academic circles since my dive into Theta Healing. With colonics I practice a physical therapy which is (somewhat) easier to explain. So I looked into the science of brain, memories and emotions, and the work of Robert Jahn at the PEAR research lab at Princeton, where they studied consciousness. 

Theta Healing

The experience of Theta Healing is literally connecting the dots between memory engrams, and then changing the resulting beliefs which have ensued from often seemingly-unremarkable memories. Now I that know there is some science involved, I’m embracing my woowoo, because… who am I kidding 😉 

“As far back as Plato and Aristotle, people believed that our memories had to be physical somethings that were stored somewhere in the brain. But only in modern times have we learned much about what this something is. First, the something was given a name: memory engram. Then, as knowledge accumulated about what happens in neurons and their synapses as they become active in learning and remembering, it became clear that learning events that could be remembered were causing chemical and physical changes in the junctions (synapses) between neurons that participate in the learning experience.”

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