Cocobiotic Suki Zoe

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with fresh coconuts, it is easy, quick and cheap to make a fermented coconut probiotic drink. The live yeasts eat the naturally occurring sugars in the coconut water, making for a powerful concoction – more potent than a single capsule alone. 

Cocobiotic works quickly for Bali Belly or miscellaneous upset tummies. *For serious conditions, get tested for typhoid or parasites.

I first heard of Cocobiotic made by Donna Gates at Body Ecology. They have since changed the ingredients, and we have adapted it to whatever is available in Bali. Ideally, find a probiotic containing Saccharomyces boulardii.

You will need: probiotics, coconut water, a clean bottle and lid.

  1. Fill the clean bottle with coconut water.
  2. Open a probiotic capsule and pour into the bottle. Give it a shake.
  3. Top up to the top – leave no air. Screw on the lid and leave in a dark place.
  4. The time it takes to ready the first batch will depend on the climate. It varies 8-18 hours.
  5. When it is ready, you will see tiny bubbles and hear gentle fizzing.
  6. If you’re using plastic bottles, and you hear a thud from your kitchen, the bottom has popped out and it’s fallen over. Be careful when you open it – it could be a ‘mentos and coke’ situation.
  7. Pour out what you wish to drink (do not put your lips to the bottle) and then refrigerate the bottle. If you leave it out in ambient temperatures it will continue to ferment.
  8. When there are 2 inches of Cocobiotic left (there should be some sediment) add more fresh coconut water and start the next batch.
  9. Each subsequent batch will be ready faster than the last. ie. 5 hours, then 3 hours…
  10. When it starts smelling rank, or taste too sour, discard and start over. However, a natural sulphurous smell is normal.

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