Natural Deodorants

I recently replied to this Tweet about natural deodorants: “As summer approaches, I feel it is my civic duty to tell you your natural deodorant does not work.”

I replied: “My natural deodorant works even in the tropics, because my diet is clean. If you eat junk, you will ooze a junky smell.”

There was no reply.

Natural Deodorants

Your diet reflects your sweat. Yes stress and hormones will alter your olfactory outputs, but your diet (and your body’s natural detox cycle) is the most significant factor behind your smell. Natural deodorant is sufficient, alongside other regular hygiene and laundry practices.

I’m somewhat kinda obsessed with deodorants – the size of the roller ball, the slime v alcohol ration. With my favourite UK brand (Pitrock Crystal) out of stock during the last few months, I took it upon myself to try every single one in Bali. Drumroll please… Bali Secrets wins hands down. So far, I love the original and sandalwood.

A close 2nd was Lavender White Musk from Republic of Soap. I won’t mention the others, because they went straight into the bin – I tried them – do not waste your money.

Because a SQUIRREL!

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