I had some blocks around ‘miracles’ when I started Theta Healing training, because I was raised catholic, and only saints perform miracles, right?

It took a few sessions and several re-reads of the books to realise that saints were just humans, who were tapping into exactly the same source as Theta practitioners and a gazillion other mystics and healers. Saints were lauded by the church for a multitude of reasons, but what of the millions of forgotten miracles, the daily magic unproved by science? The magicians of Bali or the trance states of the Thaipusam ceremony? 

During dinner the other night, my friend said, “It’s not like there’s a magic wand.” 
I quickly replied, “But there literally is!” 

In that moment I felt a new depth in my practice and work. And the gravitas of that responsibility. Human capabilities are astounding – there is so much we can all know, feel discover – it’s not for a select few ✨💫 🤲🏻

“I’m feeling better than before. A very strong energy inside of me, I haven’t felt this in a long time. This feeling is so strong and huge.”

I’m more embodied than I’ve been in years. These is a peace and trust in my body. Truly I feel like I’ve had an operating systems upgrade. It’s gorgeous and totally new, but of course familiar.”

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