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Suki Zoe Theta Healing Yoga Barn

Thursday Theta Taster

Bali remains in a prolonged state of suspense, and the stress of it is wearing many thin. While much of the world opens up again and we see loved ones further afield taking summer vacations, our airport is still closed to international flights,18 months later. With the absence of tourism, outreach programs continue to assist families who are affected by the lack of business. I’m happy to be aligned with the Ananda Soul Creations Adopt a Family program. If you’d like to contribute, we’d be very grateful. It’s only $60 for 1 month’s supplies for one family. A little goesContinue reading “Thursday Theta Taster”


I had some blocks around ‘miracles’ when I started Theta Healing training, because I was raised catholic, and only saints perform miracles, right? It took a few sessions and several re-reads of the books to realise that saints were just humans, who were tapping into exactly the same source as Theta practitioners and a gazillion other mystics and healers. Saints were lauded by the church for a multitude of reasons, but what of the millions of forgotten miracles, the daily magic unproved by science? The magicians of Bali or the trance states of the Thaipusam ceremony?  During dinner the otherContinue reading “Miracles”

I’m Joining The Yoga Barn

Hey friends. I’m happy to announce that I’m joining The Yoga Barn‘s healing team as a Theta Healer. It might just be the world’s largest yoga studio and wellness space, and it’s right here on my doorstep! So if you fancy some in-person Theta in Ubud, you can find me here – it’s a wonderful space, with delicious food, yoga and pilates classes, dance, movement, sound healing, trainings, healers and events. Parent of the incredible Bali Spirit Festival, The Yoga Barn is a jungle healing haven. This time last year I had no idea I’d be taking this new directionContinue reading “I’m Joining The Yoga Barn”

Natural Deodorants

I recently replied to this Tweet about natural deodorants: “As summer approaches, I feel it is my civic duty to tell you your natural deodorant does not work.” I replied: “My natural deodorant works even in the tropics, because my diet is clean. If you eat junk, you will ooze a junky smell.” There was no reply. Natural Deodorants Your diet reflects your sweat. Yes stress and hormones will alter your olfactory outputs, but your diet (and your body’s natural detox cycle) is the most significant factor behind your smell. Natural deodorant is sufficient, alongside other regular hygiene and laundryContinue reading “Natural Deodorants”

Cocobiotic Suki Zoe


If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with fresh coconuts, it is easy, quick and cheap to make a fermented coconut probiotic drink. The live yeasts eat the naturally occurring sugars in the coconut water, making for a powerful concoction – more potent than a single capsule alone.  Cocobiotic works quickly for Bali Belly or miscellaneous upset tummies. *For serious conditions, get tested for typhoid or parasites. I first heard of Cocobiotic made by Donna Gates at Body Ecology. They have since changed the ingredients, and we have adapted it to whatever is available in Bali. Ideally, find a probiotic containingContinue reading “Cocobiotic”


How to sum up the many ways Theta Healing can change your life? Joy can be easy. A balanced body and mind IS your birthright.  I feel so very different now. If you’ve known me a minute, you know I’m always into something new that’s ‘so amazing’. The seeking has led me…here. I’m calmer, more focused, less triggered, more creative and kinder. At long last I’m free from the ‘should’ voices from other people and places. Even when you move 1000s of miles from your home country, you don’t realise how loud the voices are until they’re gone.. ♡



I’ve been struggling with being a ‘healer’ or being considered woowoo amongst more academic circles since my dive into Theta Healing. With colonics I practice a physical therapy which is (somewhat) easier to explain. So I looked into the science of brain, memories and emotions, and the work of Robert Jahn at the PEAR research lab at Princeton, where they studied consciousness.  Theta Healing The experience of Theta Healing is literally connecting the dots between memory engrams, and then changing the resulting beliefs which have ensued from often seemingly-unremarkable memories. Now I that know there is some science involved, I’mContinue reading “Engrams”

Happy New Year

Hello my friends. Warmest greetings from Bali in 2021.  We were up at 5am on January 1st to make it to the beach in time for sunrise – my very favourite way to start the new year! Last year was a lot for everyone – all of humanity navigating the same ocean, but each in boats with varying degrees of seaworthiness. If you have loved and lost (family, friends, businesses, work, homes) last year, my deepest condolences. For many it was the best year, for others, the worst.  Theta Healing After starting my first garden in June and enjoying a delicious supply of organic food,Continue reading “Happy New Year”

Suki Zoe qito theta healing

Things I Miss

Hello friends, from a cool dry Bali winter. It’s hard to believe that we all began lockdown when Bali was at peak heat while Europe/America was dark and cold, and somehow now you’re all enjoying summer skies while we’re sweat-free, and snuggling up at night. I hope you are keeping happy, healthy and well. We’ve all been affected in different ways by the pandemic – varying so much by location, politics, work flow and access to healthcare. I had Covid back in March and it took me 4 months to truly come out the other side, from lingering brain fogContinue reading “Things I Miss”

Black Lives Matter

The silence from the health, wellbeing, spiritual and yoga communities has been deafening. This saddens me greatly. Why am I writing about this here, on my health site? Because this may be the single most important moment/movement of our lifetimes, and lives are more important than juice. We all need to stand up to change the systems – the world over. Silence is violence. A friend wrote these words after seeing conversations about racism on my Facebook page. You can find it here on Medium. Who Put the Con in the Con of Consciousness? Who Put the Con in theContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

More Health Less Politicking

I don’t know who wrote this, and I edited it to make it universally accessible. “Can we have a collective moment of clarity? Can we restore sanity around basic principles of health and wellbeing? Can we come to understand that institutional science is corrupted and that industry-threatening science is suppressed? Stay with me here. So, ‘quarantining’ healthy people: First, being indoors and socially isolated, possibly being stuck with abusive people, living in fear of pathogens and the stress of increasing financial devastation, constantly consuming media on EMF devices, and eating crap food (as usual) is not good for our health or immunity. But,Continue reading “More Health Less Politicking”

The Cleansing Lifestyle

Sadly we’re seeing people’s lives crash in public nowadays. Social media is not kind to those who ‘fail’. There are egos at play, and images to uphold and.. truths are sometimes lost in the mess. Choose teachers who walk their talk and are consistent in achieving the results you want. Some of us live what we call The Cleansing Lifestyle. We have a lineage of teachers (Arnold Ehret, Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen, Fred Bisci, Gil Jacobs, Daniel Reid) the base of which is CLEANSING, and daily health habits, rather than annual ‘detox’ retreats and subsequent retoxing for the next 50Continue reading “The Cleansing Lifestyle”

What Happens If Detoxification Is Impaired?

Creating optimal health needs a bit action than just eating a bit better. What happens if detoxification is impaired? Comparable to our lungs breathing in and out automatically, our cells are continually in the process of intake and output. However, toxicity released from any cell can stagnate in the lymph, liver and colon. If this toxicity is allowed to stagnate for a long enough, the body will show signs of illness such as swollen glands or a sore throat. These symptoms arise as the body attempts to move the stagnation onwards. It might even create a fever to thin andContinue reading “What Happens If Detoxification Is Impaired?”

Training and Consultations

Hey Bali, Thankfully the world of colon cleansing has progressed since the days of the clyster 😉 I am now offering Gravity Colonic design consultations for optimal colonics – including essential health & hygiene, and equipment maintenance. AND I’m teaching therapist trainings! Please be in touch if you know your clinic needs an upgrade, your therapists need mentoring, or you plan to expand. Each colonic room and therapist affects the worldwide colonic industry – professionalism and safety are crucial for us all! Suki x

suki zoe bambu Indah bali

My Favourite Week

I think this is my favourite week of the year. I tend to quieten and become reflective, introspective. I sink into this dreamy time-between-times – invariably reading fiction, listening to music and spoken word poets (because they have beautiful minds, and they make me a better human), meditating, getting extra sleep and gently hanging out with friends. This year has been full. This decade has been full! I’m overjoyed to be ending this chapter and starting the next one in Bali, surrounded by my beloved jungle soundtrack. I booked a two week trip here back in May, when I thoughtContinue reading “My Favourite Week”

The Island of the Gods

Hey loves, greetings from the Island of the Gods! And dogs. Did you know that Bali dogs are the oldest pure breed canine? They have unique personalities and habits – Bali would not be Bali without the dogs – Dr Lawrence Blair made a movie about them Bali – Island of the Dogs. Some articles which have interested me this week: Everyone Has Leaky Gut – by Robert Roy Britt Chemotherapy Warning – by Sarah Knapton At 73 I Went Plant Based – Rick McKeon shares his journey from obesity, heart disease, and stage 3 kidney disease. Slovakian Doctor TakesContinue reading “The Island of the Gods”

London Colonic Recommendations

The time has come my friends! I’ve finished practicing in London. For Woods Gravity colonics in London I recommend Dominika Masnica (Acton and Knightsbridge) and Kaori Murphy (Monument, Harley Street and Knightsbridge). They are working in five locations between them, so check out their websites.

Medicine Balls

I am a sucker for balls. Pretty much anything round. Dust them with cacao and I’m sold. Because I’m often too impatient to make these into balls myself, I especially appreciate when someone else has taken the time. I usually throw this mix into tupperware (good for travel) or press into chocolate moulds. I’ve been fine-tuning the recipe since I got back to London last year. All ingredients are optional – change to suit your palette. Enjoy x Recipe One cup desiccated coconut Half a cup of date paste (13 dates) or 3 T maple syrup Half a cup ofContinue reading “Medicine Balls”

theta healing ubud bali


Hey friends, My American road trip has been magical, and is passing by all too quickly. Coming home to Sedona after 10 years away, was so much food for this soul. This lands holds so much beauty, so many wonders. I’m back to the clinic on Friday August 30th, and regular clinic hours will continue as usual…. for one more month. My final day at The Light Centre Belgravia is September 28th – after which I don’t know yet where I’ll be practicing. Book in with me now for the last few weeks, and until I’ve fixed up my newContinue reading “September”

suki zoe theta healing


Hey friends, As August last year was deserted in London, I’m taking off next month to sleep under the stars.. I’ll be at the clinic Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August, and then away until the 30th and 31st. Wishing you a wonderful summer x #sukisays


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