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65-75 minute sessions are either face-to-face in Bali Indonesia, or via Zoom (Singapore time zone GMT+8). Bali is one day ahead of USA. To find the correct time, please use TimeAndDate.

Single sessions: £90
Elevate: 3 Sessions over 2 weeks £255
Uplevel Your Life: Six sessions over six weeks £495 or WA +62081246437040 to arrange your appointment.

I ask for 24 hours notice for cancellations and charge my full rate for missed appointments or less than 24 hours notice.
*Exceptions are made for emergencies or extenuating circumstances.


I feel more myself again! I was going through a lull before our session- I felt out of touch with myself and pretty influenced by people around me. Now I’ve established some new boundaries and set new projects in motion! And interestingly, I’ve had a lot of emotion moving through me since our session that has felt healthy – it’s been a while since I’ve felt this sensitive and had the capacity to be ok with what’s arising. So… all in all I am really intrigued by what happened during that session! And I would definitely recommend it, I think you are really tapping into source (or something) and it’s powerful!


“I had never had Theta healing before and I was blown away by its power. Certain triggers came up for us to work through and I felt at ease about going into these complex, vulnerable places with Suki as she expertly guided me through the process. I was shocked at the unexpected links I was able to make between my here and now with my past, the patterns which have bound me and the thoughts which have stopped my potential. I trust Suki 100% and felt completely safe and supported in how she held the space for me, and adapted to my explorations with exceptional warmth, care and intelligence. All the realisations I had made me feel like I had a map that I could move forward with, and I felt a strong sense of clarity about myself in healthier, stronger and more productive ways.”

“God I feel I have turned a corner with my energy levels, in a nice grounded, kindly-to-myself way. After our session, BF and I had a massive chat that evening and I felt so strong yet calm throughout it. Have also found a stronger sense of trust in the future too, and of saying ‘bugger it’ to any fears of people’s expectations. It’s all adding up wonderfully in my world, and I’m watching to see other changes in the days to come – feeling rather upbeat and excited! Thank you so much for an amazing session, it really was like you were reading my mind! Some of your statements during the Theta session were like trigger mantras for me 🙌