Deep Tissue Cleansing is a holistic, 1 on 1 personal, custom detox in your own home, with friends, partners and/or children: 24/7 in-residence, tailored, cleansing programs with me, your personal guide. 

If you want to lose weight, get healthy & detox, but you don’t have time to go away, take time off work or have friends willing to cleanse with you? This is the answer:

This cleanse takes place in your home. Often, if you change your habits at home, you are much more likely to make long term positive changes. I find that while foreign detox retreats are an extraordinary experience, sometimes people arrive home to cupboards of old favourites  and the words of wisdom garnered on retreat are slowly forgotten. By cleansing at home; clearing outdated supplies & shopping for nutritious foods, your health objectives are easier to attain & enjoy long term.

I stay with you for the duration of the cleanse – for a minimum of 7 days. This is 5 days of fasting + 2 days of breaking. Extended fasts up to 40 days are also available – however long you  need. The most critical part of a fast is how to break it – having guidance at this point is critical.

This is primarily a juice fasting program. I will integrate a liver & gall bladder flush (no matter how horrid you’ve heard these can taste, I assure you that mine is delicious & you will love every drop), home administered colon cleansing (plus additional colonics with local therapists), body work, movement & plenty of rest. The results speak for themselves – weight loss, clear skin, relief from headaches, allergies & addictions.


  • Live-In residential cleansing (minimum 7 days).
  • For worldwide rates, please enquire.
  • One on one support & guidance
  • Cleansing herbs
  • Freshly made organic juices & broths
  • Health & nutrition advice
  • Liver / Gallbladder Flush
  • Epsom Salt Baths
  • Cupboard Clearing

Fees for cleanses are exclusive of all reasonable expenses e.g. travel & accommodation. All my additional sustenance (i.e. fresh produce / juice) for the duration of cleanse are inclusive in the fees i.e. covered by you.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements, recommended preparations and to book your cleanse.


Your program was worth every penny, I can’t thank you enough. I’m still the same weight as the day you left, my juicer is my best friend & even my friends are enjoying the treats I’m making. KL

You entered my life at a time when I urgently needed change – thank you. Gone is the microwave, the frozen meals & with them the lethargy & depression. I have the energy levels of a teenager & my mind is sharper than ever – with no coffee – it’s a miracle!! NT

“If you’d told me before the fast how I would feel now there’s no way I could have understood. This is experiential & I know I’ve only scratched the surface. I’d been focusing on what to cut out – a restrictive mindset. You taught me how to love my food, fascinate my taste buds & saturate myself with real food – there’s no going back. (ps. and no more wine!!) FR

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