Colonics Directory

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Woods Gravity Colonics Directory.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also find a therapist who is into The Cleansing Lifestyle – drinks fresh juice on the regular, has colonics themselves, can talk you through deep cleansing practices and recommend further sources of information – books to read and people to follow.

Gravity colonics allow for a deeper, easier and more intuitive cleansing experience. Unlike other methods of poop removal, gravity colonics tone your colon. Gravity colonics are pretty much unchanged since conception – the simplicity is beautiful – no bells, whistles, knobs, dials, lights or branded equipment – there will be a 5 gallon (20 litre) tank of filtered water visible somewhere above your feet (see below).

*Please check the colonic water is filtered.


Gil Jacobs, Manhattan ‭‭NEW YORK +1 (646) 448-4133‬

Tom deVito and Michael Perrine, Vitality, Manhattan NEW YORK – gravity colonics, cryo and far infrared saunas

Mavon, DTX NYC, Manhattan NEW YORK

Jen, Doody Free Girl, Jersey City JERSEY

Maren, H20 Flow, Milburn NEW JERSEY and Park Slope BROOKLYN

Cindy Paiva, Cultivate Detox, Piedmont CALIFORNIA

Fatima Williams, Holistic Life West Hollywood, Los Angeles CALIFORNIA

Jill Rice, Wholesomely U, Humbolt CALIFORNIA

Karen Keating, Gravity Boulder, Boulder COLORADO

Diana Fragale, GRD Holistic, Miami FLORIDA

Natalie, Move Colonics, Kaua’i HAWAII


Dominika Masnica, W3 Holistic London ENGLAND

Ria Baudoin, Hydrotherapie, Paris FRANCE (Not gravity. Colonics are very hard to find in France..)


Anita Taylor at The Yoga Barn, Ubud Bali INDONESIA