Suki Zoë

After 20+ years working as a Gravity Colon Hydrotherapist (helping people remove their physical and emotional detritus), as a qualified ThetaHealing® practitioner I now help people to clear their emotional and psychological burdens on the other levels.

I’ve always been drawn to modalities which create significant change in my life, and this work has changed mine. It is my joy to help people clear stress, anxiety and depression, and to shift familial and relationship dynamics. Any and all frustrations, crossroads or blocks can be addressed. I offer in-person sessions in Ubud, or anywhere in the world via Zoom (Singapore time-zone). One session lasts an hour or so.

I discovered The Cleansing Lifestyle, when apprenticing with Gil Jacobs in New York City 1997. I went on to further qualify in colonics from the National College of Holistic Medicine, UK under the tutelage of Milo Siewert. Fully trained in anatomy, physiology and massage, other studies include Nutrition at The School of Natural Health Sciences, Chavutti Thirumal Massage with Helen Noakes at Purple Valley, India; and Nutrition at CNN London. Co-founder of Alchemy Bali.

I graduated with a BA (HONS) in Silversmithing and Metalwork from Camberwell School of Arts – before colonics turned my life around.