Shervin Boloorian

“As a holistic practitioner, I can tell when I’m in the presence of a naturally gifted energy worker. Suki is not only intelligent and warm, she has the gift of truly seeing into a person’s soul. At her session, she guided me into a realm of comfort where I could be vulnerable, safe and supported enough to make positive shifts to difficult memories. Thank you Suki for bringing your special vision to the energy world.”  

Shervin Boloorian, Recording Artist and Director of Sound Healing Bali.

Selina Smith

Suki is an incredible healer and woman. My sessions with her have been profound and I noticed changes in my life almost immediately. 
I was surprised just how much she is able to see me and my deeply held patterns. It’s like she was reading my mind! 
I came to her with some long-standing issues related to my ability to be open and free to express myself in romantic relationships.  She helped me to see and form better boundaries, heal old traumas about my ability to get the attention I wanted and felt I wasn’t getting, and release deep wounds of sexual trauma. 
Right away, I felt better, lighter and more free and was able to express myself with more ease and without restrictions. I didn’t even realize I could be that open and communicate so easily. 
Suki is graceful, elegant with her words and understanding, and I always felt safe and held. I’m so grateful for her and the work she does. Selina


I am more even keeled, and I still have the same sense of strength around my boundaries. The same feeling I instantly felt has shown up when I’ve had to navigate things with *** this week and also just in general.


Powerful and transformative. Suki assisted me in a heightened state of stress. I felt immediate relief during and then after the session. Two weeks later and my life continually transforms. Powerful stuff. I highly recommend Suki. She’s got a gift.


Yeah so like, this shit works.


I had no idea what exactly it was about but I have known Suki for a long time, I appreciate her and trust her. She took my hand and very gently started asking various questions. Each of them was pushing me to go deep into myself, diving into my feelings. I can’t but recommended Suki to people interested in developing their intuition and exploring their emotional energy.


I wanted to thank you for your time this past week. It was great to connect with you and I found the Theta session to be a positive and rewarding experience. It was calming and left me feeling relaxing. Post session, I feel a little lighter and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 


Hey Suki – I feel wonderful today. I feel lighter and more clear, like a fog has been lifted. Thank you so much for your time. It was a unique experience.


I feel unburdened, better, calmer and peaceful. I woke up not exhausted. And last night was good. Nights are usually the worst for me, starting at sundown. Ok. What the hell was that entity that you cleared? I even have an appetite of sorts again. It feels like the last time I visited a pedanda. 


I feel more myself again! I was kind of going through a lull before our session- I felt out of touch with myself and pretty influenced by people around me and I’ve established some new boundaries and set new projects in motion! And interestingly I’ve had a lot of emotion moving through me since our session that has felt healthy – It’s been a while since I’ve felt this sensitive and had the capacity to be with what’s arising. So… all in all I am really intrigued by what happened during that session! And I would definitely recommend it, I’m happy to write a testimonial. I think you are really tapping into source or something and it’s powerful!


I’ve had a couple of sessions of Theta Healing previously and I was looking forward to clearing a recurrent issue. The session with Suki was very clear, easy and fast – by far the best and most helpful Theta session and therapist I’ve had. Suki’s insight into the core of the issue was accurate, empathetic and empowering. For me, part of the healing was hearing my issue articulately rephrased by her. I truly felt so much lighter and happier afterwards and already feel more at ease about the issue that had been bugging me. If you’re looking to let go of  old beliefs and other patterns holding you back, I highly recommend a session with Suki.


“I had never had Theta healing before and I was blown away by its power. Certain triggers came up for us to work through and I felt at ease about going into these complex, vulnerable places with Suki as she expertly guided me through the process. I was shocked at the unexpected links I was able to make between my here and now with my past, the patterns which have bound me and the thoughts which have stopped my potential. I trust Suki 100% and felt completely safe and supported in how she held the space for me, and adapted to my explorations with exceptional warmth, care and intelligence. All the realisations I had made me feel like I had a map that I could move forward with and I felt a strong sense of clarity about myself in healthier, stronger and more productive ways.”


“God I feel I have turned a corner with my energy levels, in a nice grounded, kindly way to myself, so not running around yet. So funny – after my session we had a massive chat that evening and I felt so strong yet calm throughout it. Have also found a stronger sense of trust in the future too, and of saying ‘bugger it’ to any fears of people’s expectations.  It’s all adding up wonderfully in my world, and I’m watching to see other changes in the days to come, feeling rather upbeat and excited. Thank you so much for an amazing session, it really was like you were reading my mind! Some of your statements during the Theta session were like trigger mantras for me.”


I feel really good. I feel positive and calm and quite happy in myself even though my partner has been challenging the last couple of days. I feel completely different than I would have before in this situation. And I had fun at a birthday party yesterday, social interactions felt easier! Look forward to what’s coming!!