Theta Sessions

‘By the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality.’

Theta Sessions

Simply, Theta Healing is quantum physics. 

Elevate your life with grace and ease through Theta Healing. Theta is a very powerful yet gentle form of healing, which can resolve a wide range of physical, emotional, relationship, financial and spiritual issues. Designed to help you remove negative thoughts and subconscious limiting beliefs, it works effectively on anxiety, depression, PTSD, confidence, trauma, romance, and manifestation blocks. Love, happiness, clarity, peace and well-being await you. 

Theta is not about spiritual bypassing, or seeking fleeting, transcendent, peak experiences – it is about embodied presence, grounded spirituality and lasting, practical change – whether you seek to change habits, lose weight, change your life’s direction or find a new relationship. 

We are unknowingly run by our traumas and familial patterns – Theta works by connecting dots between events, moments, people and behaviours, and then freeing us to to create new and healthy stories. Our old stories are often fused with our identity, and we feel defined by our history. Theta Healing works with feelings, not stories, for a different outcome. 

All sessions are confidential.


65-75 minute sessions are either face-to-face in Bali Indonesia, or via Zoom (Singapore time zone GMT+8). Bali is one day ahead of USA. To find the correct time, please use TimeAndDate.

Single sessions: £90
Elevate: 3 Sessions over 2 weeks £255
Uplevel Your Life: Six sessions over six weeks £495 or WA +62081246437040 to arrange your appointment.

I ask for 24 hours notice for cancellations and charge my full rate for missed appointments or less than 24 hours notice.
*Exceptions are made for emergencies or extenuating circumstances.


“Powerful and transformative. Suki assisted me in a heightened state of stress. I felt immediate relief during and then after the session. Two weeks later and my life continually transforms. Powerful stuff. I highly recommend Suki. She’s got a gift.”

I had no idea what exactly it was about but I have known Suki for a long time, I appreciate her and trust her. She took my hand and very gently started asking various questions. Each of them was pushing me to go deep into myself, diving into my feelings. I can’t but recommended Suki to people interested in developing their intuition and exploring their emotional energy.

I feel really good. I feel positive and calm and quite happy in myself even though my partner has been challenging the last couple of days. I feel completely different than I would have before in this situation. And I had fun at a party yesterday, social interactions felt easier. I look forward to what’s coming!!

I feel GREAT. I don’t even know what to say but I just feel things are moving forward with ease and I’m feeling positive and excited. Not scared or stuck or stressed or fed up. Yay, I’m happy to say that. Yeah I just *feel* different and that’s what I wanted…you know your head knows it but it only works when your body feels it is integrated. 

I’ve had a couple of sessions of Theta Healing previously and I was looking forward to clearing a recurrent issue. The session with Suki was very clear, easy and fast – by far the best and most helpful Theta session and therapist I’ve had. Suki’s insight into the core of the issue was accurate, empathetic and empowering. For me, part of the healing was hearing my issue articulately rephrased by her. I truly felt so much lighter and happier afterwards and already feel more at ease about the issue that had been bugging me. If you’re looking to let go of  old beliefs and other patterns holding you back, I highly recommend a session with Suki.

Bali Theta Healing

“Yeah so like, this shit works.”