World Resources

Worldwide – my friends and favourite resources:

Shaun Lee – psychic, England
Mountain Rose Herbs – USA
Shaman Shack Herbs – Dean Rehmannia, USA
Living Libations – Canada
Layla Martin – epic sex and legendary love – New York
Jeromy Johnson – EMF analysis
iHerb – the best prices on most supplements, USA
Bex Tyrer – Bali based, traveling yogi.
Cloud Nine Yoga – Erika Faith, yoga teacher training California/Hawaii
Hunter Reynolds – astrology
Fela Adebiyi – China, and worldwide yoga retreats
Jiva Healing – India, Turkey and UK – worldwide detox retreats
Dawn Allen – pet communicator. She’s legit.
Coast Inn and Spa – Fort Bragg CA. This nondescript motel contains many wonders.
Dr Cliff Inkles NSA Life Power Wellness 928 Broadway #605 NYC 212-924-4305
Dr Shannon O’Kelly NSA – New Yorker in Switzerland – MondoChiropractic


Legal Note: I am happy to provide products & services which will increase your health & wellbeing, I do not aim to ‘treat’ or ‘cure’ any disease. Under UK law only a medical doctor may ‘treat’ an illness & disease with a ‘medical’ origin. Any information is for information purposes only.

21 thoughts on “World Resources

  1. I am going to follow a six day liver and gall bladder cleanse and I understand it will be very helpful to make colon hydrotherapy before and after the detox. Could you give me any advice?

  2. Hi Emilio, what are the instructions for whichever protocol you are following? There are several different methods – usually having a colonic the day before/after the flush works well..

  3. Hi suki – back visiting after a long absence – it’s great to be inspired and find encouragement to find my way back to a healthier path thanks for your wonderful & intreging site – can you please explain your “don’t drink london tap water” comment and does this apply to all tap water in UK – are botteld waters significantly better for you? thanks

  4. Hi Rob,
    I would not advise drinking any municipal tap water, unless you are in an area where you know they do not use chlorine, fluoride or other chemicals. Bottled water is not sustainable – better is a decent water filter, ionizer, reverse osmosis, vortex device or local pure spring water..

  5. Hi Suki,

    Love your site!

    Interested in which of those water systems you’d recommend for us? We live in a rented flat and don’t want to spend on an expensive filtration system we’d have to have someone plumb in and then plumb out again …

    At the moment we get Pure H20 ( water from Infinity Foods in Brighton. Which is hassle to collect and carry back but we do it
    every day because we really feel the difference.

    That said, I recently went to the Chalice Well in Glastonbury and wow – that water was incredibly high vibrational and hit me like cacao!

    Thanks, Anna x

  6. Hi Anna
    Thank you!
    Check out the link above for Aviva. Dickon and Katie are both based in Brighton so they could come round & check out your kitchen & see what would suit you. I have a counter top ionizer in my rented flat (which has also been around the Europe & UK with me – the ionizer, not the flat) – I can’t imagine life without it!! x

  7. Hi again,
    I’ve been doing a lot of research online as to what foods I should be eating and which products and appliances are best to support a raw diet and each time I’m faced with the same problem. I can’t afford it! Do you have any advice on where to look for affordable products (supplements, appliances, etc.,)? For instance, is a cheap brita water filterer better than nothing at all?
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Hi Justin
    It all depends on what you like to eat! If I had to keep it really simple I would have a blender, a mandolin & a good knife.
    Clean water is very important – so yes, a Brita is better than nothing – but I would do other things to energize water after you’ve filtered it.
    Supplements – again it depends on what you need. Green Barley Grass from Safe Remedies is affordable & will have you feeling gorgeous..

  9. Hi Qito–


    Would you recommend colosan on a regular basis? Also–have you heard of Chloroxygen? And sometimes I drink GTS kombucha–no sugar added—funny–if I am eating well it feels great. If I am having less than ideal diet–it feels horrid!

  10. Hi Donna,
    Thank you!
    I don’t recommend anything on too regular a basis, or when it’s used as a fix-it patch-up cure all. Too much colosan is excess oxidation = rust & aging, but careful use is great. I love High Country Wild Root kombucha, it’s bitter & has less sugar than GTs – which I save for special treats..
    I have tried Chloroxygen, but didn’t resonate with it at the time.

  11. Hi Suki, firstly, thank you for all the information on your website – incredibly helpful and informative! I came to see you couple of years ago at the Kings Road clinic and the experience was very positive. Unfortunately I have since let my eating habits slip – I try to eat generally healthy, exercise, practise meditation and really try to look after my health but my sugar cravings and love of cheese often win over my will power. Battling daily with morning tummy ache, bloating, gas, tiredness and skin problems, I have had enough and have now decided to finally give up sugar, to cleanse my body and to start eating REALLY healthy (again, thanks to your website which is very motivational). I have already started eating better and now I am planning to have a colonic within a week. I know I will feel so good afterwards I will not want to eat any bad stuff! 8) I find London very expensive (especially in winter when finding decent fruit and veg costs you a fortune!), so unfortunately will not be able to afford all the supplements you are recommending. However, I am going to start having green juice, probiotics (planning to make my own batch of cultured vegetables)and green barley grass powder on a daily basis. Also thinking of using Oxypowder…Have you got any advice on what to eat for lunch in the office, when salad is just not enough in the cold weather and the microwave is banned..Are flasks any good to keep the soup in? Also, can I ask why do you not recommend drinking soy milk? And what is your recommendation to replace Tampax? Is Aloe Vera juice helpful at all? Sorry about all the questions, I tried to e-mail you but the e-mail bounced back…Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you again and welcome back to London! Katx

  12. Hi.

    I’ve read your article. Tap water’s main advantages are availability, cost (it’s more or less free of cost) and fact that it’s environment friendly (no transport, no plastic bottle producing, no distribution, no water). Disadvantage: it contains chemicals that provide drinkability. So it can be genotoxic, the level of it can increase with old or bad pipes etc.

    On the other hand all types of water (even natural spring and mineral) contain chemical substances which despite very low levels harm human’s health. So reducing the level of genotoxic materials is essential.

    You might want to check unique bottle available in UK now, called Flaska. This glass bottle is programmed meaning that the information imprinted into the glass changes water’s structure and surface tension and thus lowers genotoxicity.

    Kind regards!

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